Why Design Matters More Now Than Ever Before


3DTeacher-Icon2_thumb_thumbMy coordinator just sent me a recent article from WIRED magazine, “Why Design Matters More Now Than Ever Before”.  Does it matter?  I have been saying for years, and now it seems as if everyone is starting to catch on.  DESIGN IS LIFE!!!!   ~Cornell

  In fact, there's never been a better time to be a designer. Every day, powerful new tools and technologies put new opportunities at our fingertips. The designer's toolkit is ever-expanding, and contemporary advances in manufacturing, prototyping, and production have enabled nothing less than a modern renaissance in all forms of design, from industrial to graphic. ~Scott Dadich WIRED

The article also mention the recent conference, which I should have gone to, “WIRED by Design”  I will be there next year!  Looking at the list of speakers  . . .  they represent everything I teach aside from the foods.  Very Cool!!!  I will post video footage when it . . . 

WxD: Design Is Life from Wired By Design on Vimeo.