Ryan Trowbridge - 3D Math for Artists



Autodesk University puts on some great workshops!  As we are always looking for cross-curricular projects, watch “3D Math for Artists” by Ryan Trowbridge, it may give you a few ideas.  It also my be a way to push your higher end students.  It also will help them get a basic understanding on programming with Maya.   ~Cornell 


Ryan Trowbridge - 3D Math for Artists
The focus of this class is to teach artists what vectors are, how to manipulate them, and utilize 3d math within their python scripts. This class will cover the following:

- how simple it is to add, subtract and use multiplication to manipulate vectors
- describe how vectors are the basis for a matrix and how a matrix is less complex than it first appears.
- How Python can access the Maya API math classes MVector and MMatrix
- how these included classes make doing matrix multiplication easier and how it closely relates to doing vector math.

Hopefully with a handful of knowledge building blocks and several example Maya files, after taking this Master Class, artists will find it easier to dig into 3D Math.