Super Bowl Cleats Were Designed Using 3D Printing



The first day of class, I was showcasing our 3d printers an415139-stratasys-object500-connex3-multi-material-3d-printer-shoes[1]d sharing all the cool things that can be done with it.  I even explained that you could print shoes with one.  They laughed and thought I was nuts, but it is normal.  Check these out . . . rainbow-colored crocs.    The crocs style shoes are actually functional, but fairly costly for consumers.  There might be a time when they are cheap enough for retail use, but great for prototyping.  With that said, check out the new Nike cleats designed and prototyped on a 3d Printer.    Check them out . . .  here is a interesting article from Sneaker News, and a CBS News video clip.  Very Cool!!!  ~Cornell


nike-3d-printing-8[1] Over the last decade, 3D printing has made huge forward strides in development. This style of additive manufacturing has the potential to change the way manufacturing as a whole is done – and for Nike, a company that heavily relies on creating molds and primary structures that assist in the production process, the possibilities are endless. For designers, 3D Printing has sped up the process by months; molds that typically takes 2-3 months to take shape can now be accomplished in a few short hours. During today’s Nike Super Bowl Symposium, the Vapor Carbon Cleat was unveiled – a shoe that utilizes the next-generation manufacturing process on the actual shoe. The cleat will debut at the Super Bowl, undoubtedly the  . . .  <<  MORE  >> *Sneaker News


“When the Seahawks and Broncos take the field for Super Bowl XLVIII, players on both sides will be wearing a cleat designed with 3D printing.”  <<  MORE  >>