Hollow Face Sculpture? An Amazing T-Rex Illusion

I do not remember when, but a while back at either the MET art Museum or the DAM (Denver) I saw what is called a ‘hollow faced’ sculpture of a head.  It was really cool .  As I walked around it,  a number of times,  it seemed to track my movement.  It is hard to explain, but the second video will give you an idea of how it works.   It was basically in a negative of a sculpture or the mold, but as you move around, it  gave the illusion that it was a ‘typical’ sculpture . 

I just came across this video and had to share it, it works on the same ‘hollow face’ principle.   It is the Amazing T-Rex Illusion!   Check it out.  ~Cornell

Amazing T-Rex Illusion!


How it Actually Works. . .  It will make you laugh.