What is Previz or is it Previs?

"Previs is a collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences, predominantly using 3D animation tools and a virtual environment. It enables filmmakers to visually explore creative ideas, plan technical solutions, and communicate a shared vision for efficient production." *

*Definition formulated by the ASC-ADG-VES Joint Technology Subcommittee on Previsualization.


At SIGGRAPH I attended the Autodesk Education Summit,  educators were invited to discuss key industry trends and best practices, connect with industry professionals, network with their peers and learn about Autodesk products and programs and it was a great event.  One of the speakers Brian Pohl (Previsualization Society) put on a great presentation and educated us on what ‘previs’ is today and where it is going.  He shared a great documentary which helps to better define previs.  It can be found at the Previsualization Society’s website.  It is a great resource that can be shared with your students.  - Cornell

Previs Documentary - Part 1 from Previsualization Society on Vimeo.