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The CG industry is huge and a lot of the animation studios are not just looking for "animators" but other CG related jobs, modelers, texture artists, programmers, lighters and a number of other jobs. Dawn Rivera-Ernster (Director, Talent Development, Walt Disney Animation Studios) brought up during a panel discussion, “Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry”, that ‘85% of the demo reels we receive are from animators, but the majority of them were not animators.’ This lead to the panel’s discussion, industry is not just looking for “animators”, but for all types of professionals from technical directors to various specialists.

What jobs are out there in the CG industry and are they in your city? Here are two resources that list the jobs buy industry, skills, and region. It gives a realistic view of the industry job market. Are there going to be jobs out there for you and in your city.